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Serious about Scientific Excellence

Activities focus on allowing participants to discover and explore the excitement and expanse of science career fields through engaging inquiry-based workshops and experiments.

According to the National Science Foundation, eighty percent (80%) of jobs created in the next decade will require the knowledge and use of science and mathematics skills.

Partnerships with STEAM companies will further enhance our ability to develop a science lab prototype for hands-on learning in product development and guidance from experts in their fields.

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Be-xplic-IT provides educational projects that use skills, logic, and knowledge (the inputs) to develop techniques, processes, and methods to obtain a particular result (the outcomes) focusing on developing critical thinking and analysis.

Participants are engaged in workshops and activities designed to cover all areas of IT foundations with a broader understanding that is ideal for non-technical participants. They also build, program, and test their solutions based on real-life technology while demonstrating their questioning, diagramming, mathematical, computer-coding and evaluation skills.

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“Women make up half of the total US college educated workforce but only 28% of the science and engineering workforce” 2018 nsf.gov.

Be-EmpoHered explores the many science and engineering career options by way of hosting female-focused engineering interest groups and highlighting engineering role models who reflect the true diversity of our population. Participants learn the design process beginning with brainstorming and information gathering to testing and revising prototypes, enhance problem-solving skills and implementation of making their design a reality.

Through our collaboration with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), our participants (ages13-18) become members of the Society of Women Engineers, free of charge. Membership provides access to SWE industry information, events, scholarships, projects, and experts. Our girls will participate in engineering-focused projects planned by the Be-Ruth STEAM committee.

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Be-ART-iqulate participants explore the eclectic offerings of the art world through various forms of self-expression including photography, painting, and writing. The ability to communicate and convey thoughts and feelings outside of speech strengthens the girls’ aptitude to transcend expressive barriers and creatively explore their inner thoughts and unique qualities. Students are encouraged to journal their experiences and activities in addition to creating a collage to put on display at our signature events.

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Students get “primed” to understand the nature of money and successfully maintain personal finances: they are equally as important as the profession(s) selected to achieve financial security. Events and activities under Be-Prime will emphasize the importance of being fiscally knowledgeable and responsible. Finances are a part of daily life and the power to manage them will yield life-altering benefits in the short and long term.

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Be-Mindful encompasses the importance of conditioning (internal stimuli) and creating positive conditions (external results). The program works to improve the healthy development, safety, and well-being of youth girls. Furthermore, the program builds their mental and emotional fortitude; physical stamina; and spiritual awareness through events and opportunities that address issues that young women face daily. Students are taught the importance of social service through volunteer opportunities and global learning excursions that allow them to be in an environment that will spark their interest to want to do something different.

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Founded in 2009, Be-Ruth Foundation is a social impact non-profit organization that seeks to empower through exposure, engage through mentoring, and educate in STEAM. Our values are centered around the six pillars of character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship.  

We are a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to providing world-class programs for adolescent and teen girls ages 9-17. We received our 501(c)3 status from the Federal Government in June of 2009. We are an approved charity of the Georgia’s Secretary of State.

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